The TPC is committed to generate R & D on local governance, management, agriculture, digital technology and local culture not only Talibon but also in the province of Bohol and become a model research institution of learning in the Bohol.


  • Engage in basic and applied research and provide effective transfer of knowledge and technology to prople the Municipality of Talibon into agri-fisheries and industrial center in Bohol.
  • Conduct studies and action research work for the promotion of local governance.
  • Promote socio-cultural activities for the prevention of local heritage and culture.
  • Objectives

  • Undertake applied and basic research under the Talibon studies.
  • Perform extension works relevant to perservation of local heritage.
  • Conduct instructional activities on the promotion of local governance.
  • Conduct research leading to the promotion of social awareness, environment protection and preservation.
  • Conduct info drive for the presrvation of local culture.
  • Publish research and development journal and other related periodicals.
  • Establish research journal exchange program with other institution of higher learning in the country and abroad.
  • Publish an e-journal for finished research
  • TPC Research and Extension Paradigm

    The Talibon Polytechnic College considers instruction, research and extension as its main thrust. Research and Extension are basic components of instruction. It is through research that instruction and extension program are stregthened. This trilogy of function are co-equal in important, priority and support.

    Research is consider the research for knowledge, new ideas, new technologies. The College is committed to promote scientific studies and innovative research that will contribute to the advancement of truth and knowledge and improvement of quality life of the student the community people, especially those in the hinterlands of the talibon, who do not have access to tertiary education and other outreach programs. It will also follow CHED research priority and or the national research priority. It will also give priority to action research in the fields of liberal arts, Agriculture, epecifically those that will contribute for the betterment of instruction in the liberal Studies, Information Technology System, Agriculture and the Accounting System. It also envision to establish the Dagohoy Study Local Governance Study, etc.

    Research and Extension Objective

    In practice the objective of the Research and Extension Program of Talibon Polytechnic College are as follow:

  • Generate facts and promote basic and action researches that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of the quality of life:
  • Maintain a research environment that is conducive to enlightened intellectual interaction;
  • Upgrade and update the research capability of the faculty through in service training programs so they can actively participate in the overall research program of the institution
  • Gather and consolidate data which have research significance for storage in a databank;
  • Provide consultancy and related services to researchers and outside clients;
  • Establish and maintain linkage with local and foreign research agencies and institutions to facilitate and enhance sharing and communication of research outputs;
  • Encourage all faculty members to engage in productive research as part of their commitment to the teaching profession and for the improvement of instruction;
  • Provide extension outreach program to the community through Community Extension Services and similar activities;
  • Appropriate funds for research and extension services;
  • Provide policy on incentives and the like to encourage faculty to conduct researches;
  • Meet institutional requirements of quality, relevant research and extension capabilities and output
  • Publish a bi-yearly research journal