The College Library envisions working with rich and well-balanced collection and effective services, supporting the school in producing top performing graduates who will eventually become effective members and leaders in the communities they serve.


The College Library provides effective and efficient services and enriched instructions by a well- balanced (print and non-print) that will support the curricular offerings, which are geared towards the attainment of the school’s mission to deliver high quality education and sustainable community development.


Provide the best possible access to relevant information within a suitable environment. In pursuit of this goal, development efforts revolve on two major thrusts:

1. development of the library collection focusing on subject areas which support the programs offered by the Talibon Polytechnic College.
2. computerization of library services for faster access to the library’s information resources.

  • To provide and organize adequate/relevant information and up-to-date collection in various types and on various subjects in support for the functions and programs of the Talibon Polytechnic College
  • To provide instruction in the library and information literacy skills aimed at facilitating research and developing an individual’s ability to select, evaluate and use information resources.
  • To use technology to improve the delivery of services and resources.
  • To promote library and information services and resources to faculty, students and staff.
  • To develop and provide appropriate furniture, equipment and facilities that promote effective study and research; ensure appropriate storage, maintenance and preservation of information resources.
  • Cooperate with other libraries, in increasing the availability of resource materials.
  • Encourage the habit of reading and the use of library in order to develop the students’ potential for self-education and intellectual development for lifelong education.

    1.Borrowing and Returning
    -Students may borrow of 2 books at a time for a maximum of 3 days. Reserve book are for overnight use only at 4:00 PM onwards.

    2.Virtual Services
    -Provides services through email, phone call and through mobile. It helps you to save time in doing your research, just simply email us so we can help you on the retrieval of your topic or you may contact us with our mobile number..

    3.Text-a- Librarian
    -It is a service which enables you to use the text message feature of your mobile phone to send questions to and receive answers from librarians.

    4.Document Delivery Service
    -It is a service provided to all TPC patrons wherein requested materials will be sent via email provided that complete details are included.

    5.TPC Online Library
    -The online Library gives you access to many different e-books, e-journals and databases, to assist you in your studies while at home.

    6.Scanning Services
    -Provides assistance to faculty members by scanning course-related materials and for other instructional uses.



    Books and other materials on various subjects or topics written by Filipino authors, or about the Philippines, or published in the Philippines are found in this section.


    The general reference collection comprises a material that has factual information, overview of the topic, guides to in-depth research on a topic.


    This contains all local and foreign journals, magazines and newspapers, and vertical files. All materials are for room use only.