Students Handbook

This handbook will highlight not only the academic policies of the school but also the history, vision, mission, goals, objectives, philosophy, the facilities and services and all other relevant information that parents and students need to know about Talibon Polytechnic College.

Talibon Polytechnic College greets you and your children. The administration, teachers and staff believe that your child has gained enough learnings from different sources. You, as parents have nurtured and guided them well as part of their advancement and growth. We, the second parents in school are so grateful to you for entrusting your children to TPC. We always do our best to support in the formation of their inner selves as instrument for local and national development.

Let us collaborate to put into action the vision, mission of the school. You can come to the school anytime you wish and share your ideas and noble thoughts to usher our students towards a very productive and memorable education experience.

This handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with the policies of the school. We encourage you to read this handbook thoroughly so that violations can be avoided. Hopefully, Talibon Polytechnic College can produce citizens worthy to replicate the deeds of our heroes; thus, become the agents of change and make a difference.